I became despondent with standard healthcare when after visiting different medical clinics. I was numerously advised that my only option in overcoming a health concern was to take prescription medication. I was informed that the sudden onset of unbearable menstrual cramps is normal, is a common experience and that I must not be distressed about consuming Birth-Control pills (that would assist in diminishing symptoms) and pain medicine continuously, for the rest of my life. Being a young woman with no previous health concerns and after becoming aware of the consequential effects (e.g. hormone imbalance, kidney problems, etc.) of suggested medication, I earnestly searched for other options and found assurance in naturopathic medicine.

Although standard care is necessary and is unrivaled in emergency situations, in my experience the approaches used in naturopathic medicine for health and healing (e.g. disease prevention, treating the fundamental cause of illness) are without comparison. Hopeful to recover from my health concern and interested in learning to cultivate a healthy lifestyle with a particular focus on prevention, I was blessed to have been introduced to Dr. Rodak, now my primary care physician, who has a wealth of knowledge to offer about maintaining optimal health.

I was familiar that a nutritious dietary regimen largely consisting of raw green-leafy plants, vegetables and fruits, is essential in creating good health but visiting Dr. Rodak allowed me to also recognize the significance of colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy assists the body in eliminating poisonous substances capable of causing disease. Indeed, I learned that colon hydrotherapy is just as essential as sunshine is to human health. After a number of sessions I noticed an improvement in digestion and elimination, and a complete relief of menstrual cramps! Through alternative treatments, specifically herbal remedies and colon hydrotherapy, my ailment was completely corrected in less than a month.

Being deeply grateful for the guidance I received from Dr. Rodak in my journey toward optimal wellbeing, I often recommend the different services offered at The Wellness Institute to others in need of healing or interested in changing to a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Dr. Rodak for being patiently attentive and for taking the time to thoroughly respond to thousands of my questions. Happy to have regained my health and wholeheartedly grateful.