I am a 43 year old female who came up from the Midwest US on vacation. It was a long drive and I arrived into Toronto suffering with an external hemorrhoid. My US based homeopathic doctor recommended that I get in as soon as possible for a gravity fed colonic. After searching through the Internet, I located the Wellness Institute and emailed them.

Dr. Rodak responded promptly. He made room for me on short notice. The staff were equally friendly and professional. The intake process was smooth. Dr. Rodak seemed to me to be very knowledgeable, taking nothing for granted in terms of my background or experience with colonics. My experience with him was reassuring. He was mindful of the process and my particular situation. With his help, I was able to manage the situation effectively until I could get back to the US to continue colonics, exercises and other natural therapies.

Toronto is blessed with this resource! Thank you Dr. Rodak and staff.