I was six years old when my right knee first dislocated. I didn't know what had happened but, I learned to reset the kneecap by falling on my side. By the age of 19, I required constructive surgery. In my thirties, the left knee started to dislocate but not the kneecap, something on the side of my knee. My frustration grew as the severity of the injury increased with each dislocation. Finally, the last specialist who examined my knee suggested that he needed to see the knee while dislocated to diagnose the issue.

At that time, I made an appointment with Dr. Rodak. Following an initial assessment, I was treated using the Bowen technique. My knee has not dislocated since. In fact, six months following the treatment, I woke up and my left knee felt odd. I soon came to realize that, for the first time in my life, my knee was stable upon rising.

With regular treatments, Dr. Rodak monitors my general health. When my hot flashes had peaked, I was coached on changes in my diet which alleviated my symptoms to the point that effectively, I no longer experience uncomfortable episodes.

I continue regular treatments at the Wellness Institute as my overall health and well being is improving with each visit not to mention, my knees are not dislocating!