The Wellness Institute has given me a newfound appreciation for a naturopathic approach to health care. Having first contacted Dr. Rodak last year with a mysterious skin rash covering my entire upper chest and the nape of my neck, I was convinced I needed to know the root cause for what was going on. My skin irritation was not only unsightly but extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Flare-ups that closely resembled an angry rash or hives were seemingly triggered by overheating and would take upwards of a week to heal. As a 35 year-old otherwise healthy woman with no previous history of allergies or skin problems, I was completely taken by surprise by this sudden condition as well its puzzling manifestation on my body. I knew immediately that prescriptions for steroids, topical or orally ingested, were not a long-term solution for me and that they wouldn’t disclose or treat the actual problem but merely take care of my discomfort in the short-term.

Sure enough, two biopsies later––the first one labeled me with allergic eczema (from an unknown irritant) which later turned out to be inaccurate because the second (after symptoms returned) was simply inconclusive––I was no further ahead and armed only with prescriptions to tackle my symptoms until they would reappear again…which they consistently did. I had already spent countless months trying to find and eliminate the source of my elusive “allergy” but to no avail and I nearly drove myself crazy in the process. My experiences, together with prescriptive medications as the only form of treatment presented to me, formed the catalyst for contacting the Wellness Institute.

My decision to contact and continue treatment with Dr. Rodak was one of the best I’ve ever made. His approach, knowledge, and professionalism were encouraging as well as informative and my confidence in his abilities was immediate upon meeting him. The results also speak for themselves—to date; I am symptom-free which is entirely attributable to Dr. Rodak’s treatment regimen in which he employed various naturopathic modalities including: acupuncture; a complete gall bladder/liver detox together with Chinese medicines; a series of colonics; various homeopathic remedies; and, earlier this year, the Bowen Technique. Each appointment offered an improvement in my condition—externally and internally—which, in itself, restored my confidence in actually experiencing the results directly. I was continually encouraged by how I responded to treatment as Dr. Rodak altered his methods and approach as necessitated by my reactions and response. I felt involved in my own healing process as each method, separately or in unison, treated the underlying causes for the condition. As Dr. Rodak said “we’ve healed you from the inside out” and for this I couldn’t be more pleased.

In taking the time to investigate and analyze my lifestyle, overall health, diet, events occurring in my life, among others, Dr. Rodak produced effective and noticeable results. I feel better, my mysterious skin condition is gone, and my overall health has improved substantially. What’s more, I have no indications of recurrence. Many thanks to Dr. Rodak for both an effective and natural approach to my condition and ultimately an improvement in my health overall.